Acknowledgement Stamp

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  • Choose from 5 colors: Black, Blue, Green, Purple, or Red For Your Documentation Stamp or Stamps
  • This ink works for Documentation Stamps & Impression Inkers! Don't run out of ink! Purchase a re-fill kit to ensure many years of stamping! This will ensure that your stamp lasts longer than your commission! Don't get caught with a dry stamp! This ink does not work for Round or Rectangular Notary Stamps.
  • Keep track of things you've notarized with a Notary Record Book. This is a must have, keep track and stay organized!


The Impression Size for this stamp is 1-9/16″x 2-1/2″

This is an official Acknowledgment  Inking Virginia Notary Stamp !

” The foregoing instrument was acknowledged before me.” 

We make all of our documentation stamps “self-inkers” to ensure proper alignment and placement. They come in handy when you need to notarize contracts and other documents that have been photocopied. One of the essential stamps a Notary should have in their arsenal. You can buy this separately, or you can get this stamp in a kit with a notary Embossing Seal or Notary Stamp of your choosing.

It is easy to get a good impression and is ideal for exact “stamping placement”. Ink Colors Available are Black – BlueRed & Green  Don’t forget to order refill ink for your documentation stamp and a Notary Public is never complete without a Notary Record Book.

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Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in