Custom Two-Line Nameplate – 2″ x 10″

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  • This is where you choose the background color for your nameplate! We offer four different color options!
  • Enter The Information For Line 1 For Your Nameplate Here - This should be your First and Last Name! Be sure to spell it out exactly as you want it to appear. Be sure to include any Upper or Lowercase characters!
  • This is where you enter the information for the second line of your nameplate. The second line is slightly smaller than the first line. Make sure to spell it out exactly as you want it!! Be sure to include upper and lower case characters. IF YOU DO YOU DO NOT WANT A SECOND LINE, SIMPLY LEAVE THIS SPACE BLANK!


A 2″ x 10″ Custom Two-Line Nameplate is great for the workplace!

It’s made of high quality laser-engraved plastic and is available in several color!

Black – Dark BlueSilver or Walnut

Add a custom nameplate to your office or desk environment. Let the general public know who you are and what your title is! Be sure to select a nameplate holder either for your desk or one that mounts on the wall!

Additional information

Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in


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