Executive Travel Portfolio

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  • Be sure to specify Upper & Lower Characters! This is for your Personalized Portfolio. If you choose to add additional stamps, embossers or nameplates, we will use this same information to make them. Please make sure to spell out your name the way you want your supplies made! LEAVE IT BLANK IF YOU DONT WANT IT PERSONALIZED!
  • Choose between the Round or Rectangular Slim Stamp. They are compact and fit inside of your portfolio case with ease! Be sure to add your Notary Number & Commission Expiration Date if you choose a Stamp!
  • Your Name Spelled Out As Your Want It to Appear On Your Stamp.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Choose the color for your Notary Stamps
  • This fits right inside of your deluxe portfolio! Properly recording notary transactions is an important practice within the industry. Keep track of the documents that you’ve notarized with this handy Notary Record book! Stay organized and on top of everything that you have notarized. Don’t get caught without one!
  • This little bottle of refill ink will ensure that your stamp doesn’t run dry. Be the HERO in the office and make sure to add it to your order. It WILL come in handy, we can promise that.
  • Do You Need Any Documentation Stamps? (Affidavit, Acknowledgment or True & Exact Stamp) They are made into Slim stamps which fit easily inside of your personalized portfolio!
  • A 2″ x 10″ Custom Two-Line Nameplate is great for the workplace! It’s made of high quality laser-engraved plastic and is available in several colors! Black – Dark Blue – Silver or Walnut. Add a custom nameplate to your office or desk environment. Let the general public know who you are and what your title is!
  • A desk or wall holder can come in handy! Especially when you may be a Notary On the Go! Or maybe you like to switch things up? Choose between a Desk or a Wall-Style Holder!
  • Line 1 For Your Nameplate - First and Last Name. Spell it out exactly as you want it to appear and include any Upper or Lowercase characters!
  • Line 2 For Your Nameplate - This line is slightly smaller than the first line. Spell it out exactly as it appears, include upper and lower case characters. IF YOU DO YOU DO NOT WANT A SECOND LINE, SIMPLY LEAVE THIS SPACE BLANK!


A Personalized Zippered Leather Portfolio.

Most Supplies Fit Inside For the Notary On The Go!

Zippered Leather Portflio

Conveniently Stores Your Record Book & Keep Your Supplies Together!

Custom Engraved With Your Name

Let Everyone Know Who You Are! Handy if you misplace it!

Keep Track Of Your Notary Supplies

Keep your Notary Record Book Inside, Refill Ink, Nameplate & More

Travel Like A Professional

Give A Lasting First Impression & Look Like A Boss

For The Notary On The Go!

If you are a traveling Notary, this is the product for you!

Add Supplies To Customize Your Order!

Customize your order to get what you need to get it done!

Additional information

Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in
Choose Your Notary Stamp

Rentangular Slim™ Stamp, Round Slim™ Stamp

Choose Your Ink Color

Black, Blue, Green, NEW! Orange, NEW! Pink, Red

Nameplate Color

Black, Blue, Silver, Walnut

Nameplate Style

Desk Holder, Wall Holder

Documentation Stamp

Affidavit, True & Exact, Acknowledgement


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